The Gluck Equine Research Center is home to O.I.E. (World Orgasization for Animal Health) Reference Laboratory for: 

  • Equine Influenza 
  • Equine Herpesvirus 
  • Equine Viral Arteritis

About the O.I.E. Reference Laboratory Designation

The Office International des Epizooties (O.I.E.) established in 1924 as an organization of 130 nations is run by the Chief Veterinary Officers of those nations.

Two major objectives of the organization are:

  • Prevent the spread of contagious animal diseases. To that end, the O.I.E. provides a warning system to disseminate information quickly on epizootics that may pose a threat to livestock, other animals, and even human beings.

  • Ensure that international trade in animals and animal products is governed by technically justified health requirements.

The O.I.E. Standards Commission is responsible for standardizing the diagnostic procedures for animal diseases and for establishing the requirements for vaccines and diagnostic biologicals intended for the control of such diseases.  Harmonized procedures are the basis for both trade and disease control.

The Standards Commission has designated Reference Laboratories worldwide, each with a world acknowledged expert on 1 of 37 different animal diseases.  These Reference Laboratories work with the O.I.E. and international organizations to promote standardized testing and animal disease diagnosis throughout the world.

The University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Food & Environment, Veterinary Science Department, Gluck Equine Research Center operates three of those world recognized reference laboratories.