Master of Science Degree Students

  • Schedule an orientation meeting with the Director of Graduate Studies. This person will serve as your advisor until a major professor has been selected, if you have not already aligned with one.

  • Identify a faculty member to serve as your major professor/research advisor. This should be accomplished during the first semester and must be done within the first year.

  • Work with the major professor to formulate your curriculum and help guide your research. If desired, an advisory committee may be formed to assist with course selection and the research plan. Ordinarily, MS coursework is completed in 3 semesters. Thereafter, see the Director of Graduate Studies about semesterly registrations.

  • Continue coursework and initiate research activities. Formulate your research plan for the thesis (a suggested format is appended).

  • Write a thesis based on the research conducted and submit it to the examining committee.

  • Within 30 days after the beginning of the semester you intend to graduate, submit the online application for degree through myUK (

  • Schedule a time for your final examination, which will be a defense of your thesis and a comprehensive examination of subject matter decided upon by the committee. Submit the online Request for Final Master’s Examination and Thesis Approval form 2 weeks prior to the examination ( Additional timing and examination considerations are detailed in the BULLETIN.

  • After you successfully pass the final examination, prepare a final copy of the thesis for submission to The Graduate School. Copies for the major advisor and the library of the Department will be bound at departmental expense. The final copy must be filed within 60 days of the exam. See the BULLETIN.