The overall goal of the research program in Veterinary Science has been to improve our understanding of the biology of Equidae. Emphasis has been placed on investigation of the causes and mechanisms which affect the production and performance of horses, regardless of breed. One goal of the program is to provide opportunities for graduate students to develop the skills necessary to become competent scientists who are creative, critical and independent thinkers with the contemporary skills and knowledge to perform independent research and to effectively communicate their results.

Students enrolled in the Master of Science program will gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of specialization through advanced course work and an introduction to research methods. The candidate is expected to demonstrate sufficient comprehension and mastery of the principles of scientific investigation to frame a question related to the field of interest and to design and execute an investigation which will provide a valid answer, presented in the form of a thesis. This program is generally completed in 2 years.

The Doctor of Philosophy program is research oriented, enabling the student to become a self-educating and creative scholar. This degree implies that the individual has demonstrated the capacity to frame an interrelated series of questions and to design and execute an appropriate series of investigations. Research projects are expected to either answer all of the questions or illuminate the area of inquiry in such a way that the resulting dissertation and publications will constitute a definitive contribution to science. This program is generally completed in 4-5 years.