Students enrolled in the MS  program must meet the Graduate School Requirements of at at least 30 credit hours of coursework, 15 of which must be at the 600 or 700 level. Two-thirds of the coursework (20 credit hours) must be in regular courses, and half of the coursework (15 credit hours) must be in VS courses. 

Both MS and PhD students must take two semesters of graduate level biochemistry/molecular/cell biology (CHE550 & 552 OR IBS 601-606) and one semester of statistics (STA 570 or STA 580) or demonstrate equivalent coursework completed elsewhere.  As well, TOX/VS 600, Ethics in Scientific Research, is strongly recommended.

Although students in the PhD program have no additional course load requirements other than those required for residency credit (see the Graduate Bulletin), curriculum requirements for each student will be designed in concert with the needs of the individual after discussion with the major advisor and the advisory committee.  Students in the MS  program must enroll and give a presentation in at least 1 semester of Departmental Seminar (VS 770) and students in the PhD program must enroll and give presentations in 2 semesters of VS 770.  

Students enrolled in MS and PhD programs must meet the standards of The Graduate School concerning grades to remain in good standing and to retain their stipends. After completing 12 credit hours, a student will be placed on scholastic probation if they have a cumulative GPA of less than 3.0.  Students will have one full-time semester to remove the probation by attaining a 3.0 GPA.  If probation is not removed, students will be dismissed from the Graduate School.  SEE THE BULLETIN for policy statements regarding probation, dismissal and retention.