All applicants meeting the minimum requirements of The Graduate School will be considered for acceptance.  Each applicant is considered individually and acceptance into the program depends a great deal on the background and interest of the applicant and our ability to provide a quality program in the area of interest.

Applicants need a strong academic background with undergraduate course preparation in biology, chemistry and mathematics.  Students accepted into the program should have an appropriate degree from an accredited institution, a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and a combined score (verbal plus quantitative) on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) of 300 (new scoring system) or 1100 (old system).  Applicants with lesser qualifications will be accepted only on the recommendation of a graduate faculty member who is willing to serve as the research advisor for the student and with the approval of our graduate faculty body.

Many of the requirements for students in our program are identical to the Graduate School requirements as stated in The Graduate School BULLETIN.  Students are expected to obtain a copy of the Bulletin, review its contents and assume their responsibilities once accepted into the program.  The Graduate School BULLETIN is available online at  In the following document we will refer to The Graduate School requirements in bold type, but will not restate them in their entirety for the sake of brevity and clarity. 

February 1st is the deadline for application to the Veterinary Science Graduate Program.

The Graduate School - Apply for Admission